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Course Materials

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All the materials necessary for completing assignments and editing papers in this course are located here. 



Grammar Resources: 


Links to HOOT the WSU Writing Center: http://www.clas.wayne.edu/unit-inner.asp?WebPageID=1330


Sources for avoiding errors in your paper:



Citation Tools

Citing Your Sources (avoiding plagiarism)


APAQuickGuide6.pdf - use this resource to cite papers in the APA format for this class (format used in the sciences, especially nursing).

APA Quick Reference.pdf - use this resource for creating your APA reference page. 

  • APA in-text citations are all NAMES and DATES (no page numbers). 
  • In the "Reference" section:


MLA quick guide.pdf - use this resource to cite papers in the MLA format for this class (format used by arts and humanities).

  • MLA in-text citations are all NAMES and PAGE NUMBERS.
  • In the "Works Cited" section:
    • Last Name, First Name. "Article Title." Journal Title (DATE): #.#. Page numbers. 
    • Last Name, First Name. Book Title. Place: Publisher, DATE.   


Links to online research sources:

Detroit Research 


Other Research Tools 



Miscellaneous writing resources:


Rhetorical Tools:  




Minute Papers




Project One


Project Two


Definition, Evaluation, and Proposal Papers (Projects 3-5)



Final Papers: 

Submit final papers through SafeAssign on Blackboard (the link to SafeAssign is also located under CONTENT in the Blackboard menu for English 1020-017).  


Student Examples




Works Cited website


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