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Minute Papers

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Minute papers are IN CLASS assignments that count as 10% of your final grade. These quick-response papers are not graded on content - there is no right or wrong answer. 


1) Minute Paper 1 - due in class 1/11 (5 pts)

Tell the instructor about your experiences and expectations in English 1020-001


2) Minute Paper Ads (10 pts)


3) Singer Sewing Machine Ad Images (group project) 1/25 (5 pts)


4) Minute Paper Library Resources (10 pts)


5) Minute Paper Raze Detroit (15 pts)


6) Minute Paper Proposals (10 pts)

Total = 55 pts 

Group Work Activities: 

Introduction to Evaluation Argument (Project 4) (15 pts)

Hard Test Case Call to Prayer (10 pts) 

Rhetorical Analysis Continued (5 pts) 

Total = 30pts  


Total Participation Points from Minute Papers and Group Work = 85 pts

Attendance Sheets and Class Participation = 15 pts 




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