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Introduction to Rhetoric

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  • Review of your first day responses
  • Roster Pages  
  • Basic building blocks of arguments stasis protocols and the artistic appeals


Responding to your Responses

Minute Paper 1  


The Methodology behind this class

  • Thesis centered writing
  • Detroit theme (awareness of audience/rhetorical situation)
  • The importance of TOPIC SELECTION (if you are not interested in what you are writing, your reader will not be either) 
  • The Toolbox: acquiring & mastering rhetorical skills, tips, and tricks

 Breaking it Down Again: Types of Questions and Claims


The Stasis Procedures


Definitional/Categorial: Is X a Y?

Disagreement over the nature of a thing or its inclusion in a category (occurs when one disagrees over the definition of either X or Y)


Evaluative: Is X good or bad? Is X a good or bad Y?

Disagreement over values, importance, or worthiness

  • Were the federal "bank bailouts" a good idea?
  • Are wikis an appropriate tool for classroom use?


Resemblance Is X like Y?

  • Is Internet addiction like drug addiction?
  • Is the Iraq war like the Vietnam war?


Cause/Consequence Will X cause Y? Is X caused by Y?

  • Will decriminalizing marijuana reduce crime?
  • Will raising the minimum wage increase unemployment?



Proposal Should be (not) do X? 

  • Should gay marriage be legalized?
  • Should teenage murder defendants be tried as adults?


The artistic appeals (ethospathoslogos)


  • Rhetoric often takes place through the use of one more of the artistic appeals: ethos (persuasion based on the character, expertise, or ethics of the speaker), logos (persuasion based on "logical" reasoning and often quantifiable grounds and evidence), and pathos (persuasion that manipulates or exploits an audience's emotions or affective capacities) 



Assignments for Wednesday:

Reading Assignments:


  • Read the instructions for Project One
  • Look at "Made in Detroit" campaign
  • Make a list of three possible "Made in Detroit"/Detroit/Michigan ads that you could use for Project One




  • Chapter 2 in They Say/I Say 


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